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April 7, 2014

March 2014 Veterinary Campaign Report

March 2014 Veterinary Campaign Report


171 total

54 dogs neutered
86 dogs spayed
14 cats neutered
17 cats spayed

94 owned dogs
46 from the streets

30 owned cats
1 from the streets

Medical and Parasite Treatments:

570 dogs
43 cats

We love our team and volunteers!

Interested in volunteering in an upcoming volunteer campaign? Visit! We are in need of volunteers for our June 2014 trip!

March 22, 2014

March 2014 Volunteer Veterinary Campaign Is Underway!

Amazon CARES veterinary volunteers have finished their first week of work in Belen, a very poor area of Iquitos.  We are happy to host veterinarians Kaisa Yla-Tuuhonen and Karoliina Tuomola, both from Finland, and Michelle Rechkemmer, from Canada, for our first volunteer veterinary campaign of 2014.  Next week our volunteers will be working about 275 miles from Iquitos in the town of Contamana. 

Our volunteers are working in a very remote region of the world.  Iquitos, home of Amazon CARES, is the largest city in the world than cannot be accessed by road, only by boat or by plane!

Campaigns such as this one are held four times a year, and are our most costly, but also most effective, work.  Please consider making a contribution to our cause so that our volunteers may continue to improve the lives of dogs and cats in Peru's Amazon River Basin.  Donate today via Crowdrise here or through PayPal (

Karoliina and Kaisa performing surgery.

Vet tech Harri prepping a patient for surgery.

Karoliina and Julio performing surgery.

Michelle handing out candy.

Surgery at Cabo Lopez.

We are still in need of volunteers, especially veterinarians, for our June 2014 volunteer trip.  Visit for more information or contact Shannon at